Two Stories in Honor of Coming Out Week

We still have a long way to go toward equal access:

It looked like Domaine Javier was doing everything right. With an associate’s degree and admission with a scholarship to California Baptist University, her dream of a nursing career seemed to be within reach. On her application to CBU, there were only two boxes for gender, and she checked “female.” CBU rescinded the admissions offer when they became aware of her transgender status, on the grounds that she had misrepresented herself. She could hardly have been said to be hiding her status as a transwoman, having been featured in a documentary series on MTV that spring about the challenges of trans life called “True Life.” And checking “male” would have been a clear misrepresentation; Domaine has been living as a woman since age 13. (More details are here.) But Domaine is still in charge of her life and her dream: she is suing CBU, she started nursing classes at another institution, and she has been cast in a web series called “The Switch,” in which all the trans roles are cast with trans actors.


And stereotypes are still limiting and too pervasive. Why, asks Rebecca Holliman, if we CAN talk more openly about all kinds of sex, do so many people feel we MUST? See her (maybe slightly tongue-in-cheek) essay on the challenges of being a lesbian prude here.



What's your story?

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