Praise the bridge that carried you over. – George Colman, 1762-1836, dramatist and theater manager

Many people have been extremely generous with time, insight, expertise, personal histories, and encouragement. I thank you:
Susan Amiot, Sloane Berger-Chen, Jennifer Bryan, Cloud Conrad, Liz Devereaux, Barbara Draimin, Molly Fowler, Les & Olivia Grayson, Lisa Grushcow, Julia Hamilton, Steve Horen, Stacy Kim, Idit Klein, Robin Krupnick, Junko Kusayama, Giselle Moreau, Anthony Ross, Carlos Sandoval, David Schatz, Sharon Shervington,  Adam Brown and colleagues at Sircle Media, Maureen Turey, Mary Ann Willingham, and Sarah, Meg & Charlie Gleberman.

And especially, Joe Gleberman, for always making anything I want to do easier and better.


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