SW’s Story

“One day in ninth grade my son came home one day and said, out of the blue, that he had joined the LGBT club at his high school. I was not really ready for THAT talk and had no sense of what to do or how. My wife and I told him that was great, we were proud of him, loved him, the whole caring parent shtick. He seemed perplexed by our outpouring of interest, enthusiasm and concern over his decision to join this particular school club. We were puzzled because he did not seem at all interested in matters of sexuality — he was far more interested in Legos at that time than in dating boys or girls. We could bear the suspense no longer.  So we finally asked him outright if he perceived himself as gay and he said, oh no, but that it seemed like a fun club and lots of his friends, including some who were gay, had joined.  The perfect reason to join any club in high school, as it turns out.” – SW


What's your story?

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