Science of Sex and Gender: Theory and Data

What do we really know about human sex, genders and sexuality anyway? Masters and Johnson, Alfred Kinsey and legions of less-famous scientists have devoted cumulative centuries of work around these topics. For some questions there are pretty solid answers, and for others there are more questions. Some of the work has been colored by political, religious or other motivations besides pure scientific inquiry, so one always has to read carefully. I present here a decidedly non-expert review of some of the pertinent questions and answers.

An important starting place is an idea of 4 different spectra for sex, gender, and sexual attraction.
Each person has a place on each spectra. but they don’t always line up neatly. The posts below explore what we know about how many people fall where, what causes or influences those placements, if and how placements are correlated, and more.

Biological Sex

Gender Identity

Gender Expression

Sexual Attraction (Coming soon)


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